God of the Comeback: It's Never Too Late

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This is the life story of Dr. Michael Maiden. It’s a story of the kindness and love of God to a broken and beaten man. It’s the story of how the God of the Comeback can turn our greatest failures and setbacks into an opportunity for Him to give us a Comeback!


What others are saying:

“You are about to be profoundly challenged and inspired through this remarkable book. Michael Maiden’s story is both heart-wrenching and unusually encouraging.

“We hear of injustices happening all around us, but rarely do we see one that is so blatant and destructive. Even more rare is the redemptive response that the Maidens’ gave to their critics and betrayers. They could have run, just to avoid the unjust pressure coming their way. No one would have blamed them. Instead they stayed in the city they were called to, believing God would have the last say.

“And He did. The God of the Comeback is the testimony of God’s faithfulness that prophesies that His desire is to do the same for every one of us. Please read this in hope for anything that seems to be beyond hope. And let’s watch together as the God of the Comeback once again turns tragedy into triumph!”

Bill Johnson
Bethel Church – Redding, CA
Author – God is Good


“The first time I sat with Michael and heard the story of what God had done in his life my heart was stirred. What an incredible gift to be able to see God at work in such a profound way in our lives. 

God of the Comeback is more than just a book, it is a prophetic declaration for your life. Every person should read this book to increase their faith and gain a deeper revelation of the grace and goodness of God.”

Banning Liebscher
Jesus Culture Founder and Pastor
Author of Rooted: The Hidden Places Where God Develops Us

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