God's Answer is Leadership

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God’s answer is Leadership.

Every believer in the kingdom of God, no matter their gifting, are all empowered to be citizens of influence and to be leaders. No matter what the problem, no matter what the issue, no matter what difficulty our society faces, God’s solution will always be the same: leadership. Whenever there is human need, human pain, injustice, confusion or any other problem that arises out of the fallen human nature, the first thing that God does is to raise up leaders. Those leaders will be put into the position to solve, save and bring the solution that is needed in that place and time.
Here is the mind blowing truth about God: He is so dynamically committed to leadership, he wrote a whole book about it: the Bible is the single greatest book containing the greatest leadership principles that have ever been written. Anything that is profound, moral or really successful-any sound leadership trait or principle taught and expounded by the world-is found rooted in Biblical truth.
Let this sink in: leadership is God’s answer.

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