Just One Word

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I sat at my piano with my Bible open, pouring through its pages. I had to make a crucial decision in a very critical moment of the church. We had arrived at important crossroads, and I was feeling the weight of the moment. The outcome would affect thousands of lives, as well as the future of our church.

I read all my favorite scriptures one by one, but I just could not find the right “note” — that familiar, powerful, peace-giving and joy producing word that God speaks to us to provide and guide us into His will and grace. Page after page I raced through my Bible, with an impatient anxiety driving me.

After my exhausting and completely frustrating search, I finally closed my Bible, closed my eyes, and opened my heart. What the Lord spoke to me next has changed my life, ministry, and church. As I quieted myself before the Lord, I was able to clearly hear His voice. This is what He said,

“Son, all you need from ME,
for anything and everything to change,

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