The Blessed Life: 8 Keys to Living a God-Filled Life

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Suddenly, like a clap of thunder, the first words leapt from His lips. It wasn’t a curse or judgement. It wasn’t an angry rebuke to sins unending battle with God. It wasn’t “Thou shalt not”. Instead, He said to all of mankind, loud and clear, “BLESSED!”

To a world deserving judgement and cursing, Jesus Christ came instead to bring God’s blessing. Grace poured out on the souls of mankind, like rain on the thirsty, dry ground. He spoke blessings, not once, or twice, or three times, but nine times in the first paragraph of His first recorded message to the human race. Now the very mission of Son of God was made clear for all to see: to remove the curse of the law that came through our sins and to re-establish God’s design that we might live in the grace and goodness of His blessings every day of our lives. Jesus Christ came to bring God’s blessings to mankind.

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