The Joshua Generation: God’s Conquering Manifesto


We live in the most exciting time in the history of the human race. Every day, history is being made all around us as time is rushing towards its final moments. World events of staggering significance are happening at a breathtaking pace, as God prepares to send Jesus back from heaven.

For the Christian, your place in this great final climax is tremendously important. For God has chose you to be alive and a part of His great army in the final hour of world history. He has predestined you to be a part of this last day, overcoming, victorious church of Jesus Christ! He has saved His best for last, and you are His best! The Bible speaks of a great move of God in the last days that will exceed anything God has ever done before. We are standing on the edge of this great tidal wave of glory. We are the Joshua Generation!

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