Bold as Lions: There is a Miracle in Your Mouth

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We live in an amazing time, a time when there are more Christians alive than all of history put together. As you read this sentence, Jesus is sweeping people into His kingdom by the thousands. All over the world, miracles are happening, and people are falling on their knees to follow the risen Jesus.

Yet many of us live in fear, cowering at the things we read, see, and hear. The devil has worked overtime to keep many Christians bound up in lies, defeated and depressed, wounded and out of place. He is working hard to fracture relationships in the body of Christ, to keep us from working together to advance the kingdom of God. And he is working overtime to ensure that we do not discover the power of faith mixed with the word of God spoken out of our mouths. He knows the dynamite we possess and what we can do with it once we begin acting on it. If he can keep us from discovering who we are and what we have in the Bible, he can keep us living under his lies, clothed in defeat and dismay.

God will not let that stand, and this is why I am writing this book. God our Father wants us to be bold as lions. He wants us to speak His word with faith and see miracles happen and people’s lives change. He dreams of us walking into the darkness which controls our families, our cities, our neighborhoods, declaring His will, and seeing people set free of pain and destruction. He has plans for us to call dead things to life—dead businesses, dead relationships, dead emotions. He wants us to represent Jesus on the earth.To correctly use the Word of God to set people free, it is important first to address the heart issues blocking us from living Godly lives, remove false identities we have adopted, and deal with personality issues that are incongruent with God’s plan. Then we can step out in faith, hope, and love, speak to mountains to be removed from our lives, and see people set free in the love of Jesus.Get ready.

There is a miracle in your mouth.

As we work through the issues presented in these chapters, I promise, based on personal experience, that you will see a change in your life, your family, your friends, your city, your state, your church, and your culture.

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