Boundaries for Thriving: Living a Full Life by Setting Godly Boundaries


We must learn that it is okay to set limits and boundaries. There is nothing unloving or un-Christlike for setting healthy, Biblically-based boundaries with other people. Boundaries are a part of anything that works, anything that is successful, anything that is orderly and anything that is healthy. Rivers flow in between river banks. The oceans stop at the shore. If there weren’t river banks or ocean depths, if there wasn’t a place for water to be contained, our whole planet would flood. God created boundaries for day and night. There is always another day, morning and night. God never lets a winter last forever—unless you live in Antarctica. Every season has to relent its grip. Boundaries are a part of God’s creative design for the natural world. This means that boundaries are a part of God’s creative design for mankind as well. Healthy people have established healthy boundaries—it’s the only way to have a balanced life.

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