Take Your Mountain: Discover Your Gift and Unlock Your Potential


We are God’s beloved children. God created us to be one of a kind, unique and talented. We are His masterpiece. Everything about how He has made us is incredible. The real joy in God’s heart is not all the things that He does for us or that He gives us. The real joy is when we discover what He placed within us. The journey we go on to uncover what God has placed in us is the adventure of life. There are all kinds of surprises God has strategically determined for us to discover.

At the end of his life, Paul wrote an Epistle from a jail cell, and he said, “Son, I have run my race, I have fought my fight. I have emptied myself out.” He was satisfied that he obtained and fulfilled the calling that God had placed in his life. It is important when we talk about calling, ministry, and destiny that we don’t just look at ourselves in the ministry. We need to recognize that everyone in the body of Christ has a unique calling, a unique ministry, a unique destiny. Some are called to work in the church. Some are called to work in business, government, art, media, entertainment, family, or education. Wherever called, the gifts will help you ignite your success. God has work for us to do, and this truth will help motivate us to find our calling. God has a destiny for us, and for every person that has ever and will ever live.

Our destiny is in one of those cultural mountains. And our destiny as a believer is to go up the mountain in the grace of God. Who do we think He wants to ascend to the heights of the media, education, arts and so on? Us. His children. He wants born again people that want to bring God’s kingdom.

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