The Power of Identity: a Study in the Book of Ephesians

Print - 102 pages | ebook

Ephesians is an epic book worth taking the time to study. At its core, the book of Ephesians is about The Power of Identity rooted in Christ Jesus.

In this great book, Paul lays out a defining principle that can impact our lives if we let it: identity always comes before rules. Chris Jesus formed us and then wrote out a script for our lives. Before we were born, God designed a destiny for us. This destiny is not something we can create, it is something that
we discover. We discover our future by going to him and learning from him that we are loved and accepted.

Spend some time and go deeper into Ephesians. Get a clearer picture of the fact that grace is Jesus plus nothing. Grow in the knowledge of God. Grow in your identity. As you do, you will awake to the workings of grace and the transforming blessings of God in your life.

And your life will change as a result.

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