The Renewed Mind

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There are words on the earth that are filled with supernatural power. These words are designed to benefit, empower, liberate and translate the human race.

These words are not of human origin but are from a perfect Being in a perfect place. More than just the ideas or the philosophies of mankind trying to find answers and search for truth, these words are truth. These words are complete.

These words are the answers. These words have been impregnated with life. They bring alive the dead part of man and then become the sustaining food for that resurrected new life to exist. By them mankind is allowed to live as no other creature can. Through them, a new dimension of living is awakened in the reborn heart. These words thrive with a life source that fashioned the galaxies and remains their unseen nurturer and sustainer. These words have been given power. They have not been given just the power of communication and enlightenment, but they have been given the power of self-fulfillment. Whatever these words communicate they can create. As a seed from a tree, these words are designed to fulfill their destiny and reproduce whatever they promise. These words pulsate with a power so great that those who receive these words experience a transformation of their very being.

There are no other words like them in the earth. No words which can stand the comparison. None that have influenced and inspired more lives. None that can make the same outlandish, seemingly impossible claims. None so crystal clear in purpose and direction. None that bring life found no other way. These are the Word of God.

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