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Keys to doing the will of God

By October 11, 2018January 7th, 2019No Comments

First principles are the foundation or basic principles of God. Maturity is revealed by your diet. Your diet reveals your maturity. God wants us to mature us to a place of a deeper walk with God. Christianity—our walk with God—is the most exciting adventure on this planet. The Bible is filled with layers, levels and dimensions of gems and treasures and revelations that we will never tap into all of it for us. Our life is an ongoing pursuit of the knowledge of God. One day, I was praying and thing about the angels that fly around the throne of God singing, Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty. They are singing to the trinity. I was thinking that the angels had a monotonous job. Then, the Lord spoke to me. He said, “Every time the angels circle me, they see more of me than they did before. They are worshipping because they can’t help it.” It hit me: people walking in a deep relationship with God always have a song of praise. 

God gave us the foundations so we could mature in the walk. When the Bible talks about perfection, it means maturity. Anything with maturity, God sees it as perfect. Now, here is a description of maturity: we use what God gives us or we lose it. Anything that we don’t exercise, becomes atrophied. Any truth that comes to you that you don’t apply becomes useless. You can have a library of theological understanding. You might be able to argue every point in the scriptures. But the kingdom of God is not in argument, it’s in power. It’s in signs and wonders. It’s in the glory of God. When people know more than they live, it creates inside of them a false confidence of maturity. 

We grow by using what we know. We don’t want to be western Christians that have great depths of theological understanding but aren’t living it out. We want to live it out. Anything God shows you, he wants you to live. He wants you walk it out. It’s important to know what we believe about God and then we need to live it out more than anything else.