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Endurance to keep going

By December 4, 2018January 10th, 2019No Comments

When you go through a season of what looks like “loss” that is not how heaven views it. We are achieving and creating a heavenly reward. We get a joy that can only come from heaven. Don’t give up on your boldness. Don’t give up on declaring great things in your life. Don’t give up on Christ. Don’t give up on your confidence in God to turn things around. We are never to see our confidence in God as being unworthy of anything. Why? It has a great reward. 

This word “reward” means to be reimbursed as an employee for expenses you paid to be able to get our job done. When you are out there, spending your faith, talking about what God is doing, there comes a time when God shows up. He rewards you with the answer to your prayer or your situation. When you say my family is going to be saved for ten years, when you pray for Johnny and he gets worse, when you pray for Suzy and she starts acting crazy, when you keep praying and declaring in the face of rough times, when you keep declaring things, there is a reward, a reimbursement that God honors. 

We just need endurance. Faith is initiated by hearing and activated by saying. Faith is demonstrated by doing. Once you have done these things, you have started the process. Now, you just need to get to the point that God shows up and answers the prayer. This word for endurance means the ability to hang in there. It means patience. It means that you take up a spot and do not move. After you have taken ground in faith, your endurance helps you keep it until God shows up. 

Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. So is your faith. So you need endurance. The key is to have the right perspective. Life is not meant to be lived like a microwave or a fast food restaurant. It is slow and gradual and resembles a tree growing and bearing fruit over time. God’s timing is different than ours and the key is to line up our expectations and timing to his and allow his Spirit to work on us at his pace until we come to the fullness of life he has for us.

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