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Jesus is the Bread of Life.

Jesus is the satisfier of the human soul.

Jesus wants us all to see that He has a meal that will fill us up forever. We will never hunger again. 

This was hard for them to grasp. And for some modern-day believers, this is hard to understand as well. It’s easy to grasp Moses and the miracle of manna: our bodies are designed to eat regularly; we need the fuel. But we can’t compare manna with the Bread of Life. Jesus said that if we eat the meal He serves, we will never hunger again. Jesus satisfies the hunger of our hearts. The deep yearning in the soul of man is quenched only by the Bread of Life. Jesus is the bread they have always wanted. He is heaven’s manna.

What does this mean for us?

First, Jesus promised we will never be empty again. If we eat of him—through prayer, Bible study, worship, service, etc.—we will never try to fill our lives with an imitation that can’t satisfy us. We won’t need to jam stuff, people, alcohol, food, drugs, stimulants into our lives to be filled up. Jesus is the satisfaction we seek.

If we turn to Him, Jesus give us Shalom: completeness, wholeness inside and out. As Christians, we have to remind ourselves that Jesus is the very center of life. Our goal in this world is to know God and then to fulfill his will. Knowing God fills our emptiness with Jesus’ love, Grace, word, and kingdom every day.