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Our journey is to keep identifying with the new creation. When you have new technology, sometimes you don’t know what it all entails. Our life as believers is to find out what is in our new nature. The New Testament brings that revelation. We are children of God. The great I AM dwells in us by the Holy Spirit. We are the righteousness of Christ Jesus. No weapon against us can prosper. We are ambassadors for Christ. We are the temple of God. We are the bride of Christ. We are the army of God. We are beautiful. Our beauty is consists of all these things and more. Our earthly journey is to discover who Christ is and all that Christ died to give us. The moment we became saved, we were given access to everything He owns. We can’t forget our benefits. We don’t have to beg God for peace or healing or anything like that. It is in our benefits package. 

Jesus gives us insight into the greatness of what we have when He said, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” (John 10:10) This means that if something in our life is stealing from us if it is killing us (relationships, peace, joy, etc.) if it is destroying us, it’s not from Him. He came to give us life and that in abundance.

I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit is pressing us to know this on a daily basis. It’s time to rise!  In the last day church, our quality of life must increase to what Christ died to give us. We don’t want to live an inferior life when Jesus died to provide us with more. This stems mostly from Biblical illiteracy that is seizing this generation. The devil is working overtime to keep us from knowing what God has given to us as His children.

Jesus has so much for us. The Bible is the menu of heavenly blessings. Everything that God shows us in the word is something He wants us to have in this lifetime. Jesus said He came to give us life to the full.

The best life can be to live life to the full for Jesus. Rich, accomplished, talented people are not always the happiest people. The most content people to walk this earth are Jesus people. We can’t get to the top of the mountain without Jesus. We can’t get to the abundant life without Jesus. Money, fame, accomplishment, none of these things can take us where only Jesus can bring us.