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By January 4, 2019January 18th, 2019No Comments

God honors marriage. If you want to get it on, you go to get a marriage license. God says that couples that are not married, when they have sex, they are disconnected from God and his covenant. They feel chaos in their lives. But if they turn it around, get married, God will bless the marriage bed. 

This is my wake up call for all the Millenials: they think they can just live together. They don’t know why it matters. It matters to God. He blesses marriage. He blesses marriage. You can love someone and fell like it’s okay. But the Bible says that sex outside of marriage is wrong. According to a Christian Post article, “only 11 percent of Christians are waiting until marriage before having sex.”3

11 percent! I won’t elaborate, but how hypocritical and rebellious for those that say they love God to deliberately flaunt God’s word and be engage in premarital sex. Wow. 

Now when it says the marriage bed is blessed, it doesn’t mean anything goes. It means that God blesses the union of two lives together physically. Sex installs a selfless act into marriage that allows couples to stay close. It is a physical act that reminds both partners that the main goal of marriage is not your own way or desire. It is a picture of being a giving person in every part of your life. 


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