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In prayer a few days ago, I could see an hourglass. The sand had almost completely run out.

Then I heard God’s voice say, “The time of this plague will soon be over. Tell My people that everything will be different than before. Tell them to not go back in their hearts or minds to how things were, but to allow Me to SHOW THEM THE FUTURE I’ve planned and prepared for them. The enemy has unleashed a great whirlwind of fear into the earth to disrupt the times and seasons of My purpose, but I have stopped him.

“This is not his hour or day, this is MY HOUR and DAY. I am stirring the hearts of My people to desire MORE of ME and the power and glory of My unshakeable Kingdom. Soon the HUNGER of My people will awaken the PROMISE of what has been prepared for them.

“Tell the church to prepare now to ADVANCE QUICKLY. Closed doors will soon be opening. Hard hearts are softening. The pace of My Kingdom is Accelerating. The season of great HARVEST is here!”