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Shutting the Mouth of Your Enemy

By January 12, 2024January 19th, 2024No Comments

You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies.
Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children.
This kind of praise has the power to shut Satan’s mouth.
Childlike worship will silence
the madness of those who oppose you
(Psalm 8:2, The Passion Translation).

The music that David played for Saul shut the mouth of the demonic forces that whispered to Saul, keeping his soul bound in depression and pain. The demonic spirit had to shut up when David worshipped. The music and the Spirit of God changed the atmosphere. The dark cloud could no longer stay because God’s light flooded in. Worship shuts the mouth of every enemy we will ever face. No weapon of the devil can withstand a worshipping child of God. When we going through tough times, when things happen that are out of our control, when we are threatened with destruction, when we face painful times, if we follow David’s example and worship God, we will shut the mouth of the enemy.


Are you facing a hard time in life? Take a moment to write down and identify your enemy. Have you taken time to worship God in this season? If so, what happened? If not, why not begin today?


Take some time today to ask God to help you worship. You can play a song or simply sing from your heart. If you go to your Father, He will give you the desire and the song to sing.