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The shadow and the blood

By November 20, 2018January 9th, 2019No Comments

When you read the Old Testament it is talking about Jesus in a concealed form. It’s a shadow of who he really is. In the New Testament he is revealed. The shadow —the Old Testament—can now be looked at through the lens of the New Testament. Sacrifices were made by the families to the Mosaic temple. They had to for the remission of sins. To cover sin. The Mosaic system has stopped. The Jewish tradition does not offer animal sacrifice anymore. They stopped around 70 A.D. Why? Partly because traditions changed, but there was also no more need for it: the lamb had come. 

The system was temporary until Christ came. It was a form and type of what Christ was going to do for all eternity. All of the sacrifices did not remove sin. They stopped or delayed judgement until Christ came. It was like a credit card: they ran up a huge debt. It was not removed it was just postponed. When Christ came the debt was paid, past, present and future. 

How does this translate into today’s day and age? How does this apply to your life? You can not remove the sin of your past: sin you have committed and sin that has been committed against you. Nothing you do with ever remove the stains on your past. We think we can ignore them. We think we can exercise them away. We think we can drink away our pain. 

But it’s still there. 

Only the power of the blood of Jesus Christ can remove the sin that haunts us.