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You are called and anointed to be a Curse Breaker!

You are the one who will break and destroy every generational curse of has ever controlled and oppressed your family!

This pandemic will not be permanent! God is using the intense difficulty of this worldwide pandemic to soften people’s hearts to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The church must see this moment in history through the eyes of the Spirit and not the Natural.


It’s time to break the curse of thinking and believing you’re a victim. Being a victim will get you attention and sympathy, but it will never get you better.

Principalities convince people they are unloved and cursed. Principalities create philosophical deceptions that make people feel justified for being angry and hateful.

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy to continually declare that you’re a victim.

It’s a self-sabotaging deception to believe that everything and everyone in this world is against you.

Anyone who encourages you to identify and live your life as a victim is not your friend.

You are not a victim! Don’t allow offense to keep you in the prison of victimhood.

Offense is the evidence of unforgiveness. The spirit of offense keeps you in a prison of unforgiveness, anger and bitterness. The key of forgiveness can set you free from the prison of offense. When we forgive the people who have hurt us, God makes us forget the pain they’ve caused us.

Overcomers are always forgivers. We are called to fight devils and forgive people. Remember to never stop loving people. No loophole allows us to not love people.

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of demonizing people just because you disagree with them. Only victims need revenger. Overcomers need restoration.

Friends, don’t allow this political season to turn you into a bad Christian. Love will drive out self-pity and leave our hearts free to love like Jesus. Stop acting like America’s going to hell, and start believing and declaring a heavenly awakening over our beloved country.

Be a Curse Breaker, an Overcomer, a Lover, and a Forgiver, and watch Jesus do amazing things!


Dr. Michael Maiden