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When I was engaged, my wife gave me a plaque that stated we were called to be married before the foundations of the world. We had been chosen by God to be in each other’s lives.

This idea of being chosen is vital to gain a better understanding of our walk with God. We were selected to be children of God. We were chosen toreceive all that he has made available in Christ Jesus.

This frame of thought is what we call “predestination.” To be predestined is to obtain a pre-chosen future. Picture this: before he formed us, he wrote a script that details our lives, that show us God’s designed destiny for our lives. Destiny is not something we create, it is something written and something that we discover. Our destinies, are laid out in Christ. We discover our future by going to and learning from him.

The first lesson he has us learn is that we are loved and accepted. Once we discover that, we begin to see our
future, and we can start participating in the story he has written. All we have to do is allow his love to fill us and then to follow what he has written for us.

The word “accepted” that Paul uses is the Greek word “christos”. This word is tied closely to the word
“grace”, which in the Greek is the word “charis”. Charis means: “unmerited favor.” Christos (or acceptance)
builds off this, and means “grace plus grace.” Grace upon grace. We are “christosed” —highly favored, we
have been graced with grace. Christ brought everything together through his death and resurrection. And, in
him, we have been given grace without measure.

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