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When I was in High School, I ran what would be the equivalent of the 1600 meter relay today. Everyone of the four team members on the relay of us had to run a lap. We would stand in what is called the “transfer zone” waiting for the runner before you to come around. They would hand you the baton when they reached you. I ran either third or fourth in that race. When the baton is in your hand, it’s your turn and it’s your time. 

I want to prophetically say to you, as you read this second to last chapter, that it is your turn and your time. 

Those heroes of faith, the one’s that you read about in the last chapter, and those not written in the Bible, as rich and as glorious as their lives were, as amazing as their blessings to this earth and their contributions were, they are all gone.

But you are not. 

You are here. 

It is time for you to become the history maker God made you to be. Those that have gone before us are in the grand stands. We are on the playing field now. It’s our time. It’s our turn. 

Let’s make the most of our time and our turn. The same God that was with them is with you. The same God that did great exploits through them will do great exploits through you. There is no distinction. It’s not the people that are great, it’s the God that is great. We do great things because we have a great God.