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As we study Jesus’ message, we learn that the Father’s will is for us to produce much fruit. God wants us to be successful, productive, growing and moving forward in life. God wants us very fruitful in every arena of life. God has called us to bear fruit. We were created to bear fruit. Christ said there is something wrong if we are not producing fruit.         

Going back to verse two of John fifteen, Jesus mentions the Father “taking away” branches. Most of us have the wrong perception of the meaning of this verse. In the Greek the word for “takes away” is the word “airo”, which means “to raise, take up, lift.” This is a word picture meant to tell us that when our lives are not producing fruit, the Father elevates us, He lifts us up, He raises us up so that we can be fruitful. Here’s why: in the natural world, new vine branches tend to trail down and grow along the ground. Their leaves become coated in dust. Then,  when it rains, those leaves become muddy and mildewed. The branches become sick and useless. The remedy to this problem is for the vinedressers, walking through their vineyards carrying buckets of water, to look for the new, trailing branches. When they find them, they lift them up, wipe them off, and tie them to the trellises. Those branches then become healthy, vibrant and fruit bearing.  

What a great picture. The Father, the Vine Dresser, lifts us up. He doesn’t throw people away. He doesn’t give up. He doesn’t relent from His purpose. Our lives will bear great fruit. It’s a picture showing us branches not bearing fruit are just in the wrong place. When our lives are in the wrong place, or our fleshly Adamic nature kills the fruit, the Gardener/Vine Dresser doesn’t look down at the branch and say that He is done with that branch; He doesn’t cut it off and throw it away; instead, He looks down,  lifts it up and puts in the right place.