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We have to learn to trust Jesus. Jesus knows how to fix every unfruitful part of our life. However, how do we become unfruitful? Let’s look at five ways:

1. Sinfulness. Any sin habit can strangle the life out of our vine. Compromise steals the fruit. So when God convicts us of sin, He’s trying to lift us up and put us in place to be fruitful.  

2. Wrong beliefs. A false belief — miracles aren’t for today, healing isn’t for today, etc. — means we will not see fruit in areas God genuinely cares to see fruit grow.

3. Unhealed or toxic emotions. Unhealed wounds or poisonous feelings stop our soul from producing life. Our souls and spirits have been designed to produce and create. But when unhealthy emotions fill our souls, we can’t produce.

4. Demonic oppression of the mind or life. The devil is waging war against our minds. He doesn’t want us to be free to produce for God. People that don’t know how to overcome the devil and his spiritual warfare become unfruitful. When we are just trying to survive and the devil has unleashed torment or pain, it can stop us from expanding the kingdom of God and being fruitful. 

5. Religious traditions. Jesus could do no miracles in Nazareth because of their unbelief. This unbelief was not born out of a pagan or secular system. It was born out of religious resistance. It was religious intolerance. We need to be careful because we can have religious beliefs that hinder our faith. 

Jesus walks through our lives, and wherever He sees unproducing areas, He knows how to fix it. When a wrong belief binds us, His truth will set us free. He lifts us up, shows us the truth and cleanses us. When the devil picks on us and tries to destroy our families, God wants to work in our lives and make us supernaturally fruitful in that area. In every area of your life where there has been supernatural oppression, I declare that God is lifting you up and washing you off. The exact opposite of what you’re experiencing will begin to happen. You will start bearing fruit. God loves religious people. God loves people who love Him even when a constraining system binds them. We are in a season when God is helping those who love Him get free from binding religious systems. He is walking His vineyard, and lifting us up. He is putting us in position to be fruitful. If we allow Jesus to lift us up in this season, we will be able to accomplish what we have not been able to in the previous seasons of life.