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The early followers of Christ were called the Way, not Christians. It applies still today. We have found the way to all things that are meaningful and lasting. There are many highways, bi-ways, many roads, but only one of them leads us to eternal life, to God the Father, to Jesus Christ, to fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

When we find Jesus, we have found the Way. The Way to what?


There is no other way for us to find the freedom that the human heart is searching for outside of Jesus Christ. Jesus said that He who makes us free, makes  us free indeed. There is no freedom like what Jesus brings into our lives. There is no bondage on this planet that Jesus Christ cannot liberate us from. Jesus has the power to free every person.

As He frees us, He asks us to enter into the process of helping others find freedom. Our job is to love people where they are hurting, but never leave them there. He wants us to lead them to Him, so they aren’t left in tremendous pain. He doesn’t want to leave them in the deception of sin. He loves people and wants to work through us to help others find freedom. In Christ’s name, they can come to freedom.