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The Church is Zion

By December 31, 2018January 10th, 2019No Comments

Mt. Zion was a bump in the landscape. Camelback Mountain in Phoenix is a mountain. But a rolling hill in Israel was the place that God and man connected. It was the place that heaven and earth met. It was where God spoke to man in deep and revelatory ways. It’s where we collided with God. David pitched his tent there. It was on Zion that David created a new system of worship. The church is likened to Mount Zion. We are, as the church on earth, connected to the church in heaven. Both realms are joined in the church. The moment you accepted Christ, your spirit became perfect. Your body becomes holy as your mind is renewed and aligned with your spirit. 

We come to the church —Mount Zion—God’s body on earth, is connected to heaven. We don’t just have an open heaven, we are the open heaven. The angels in heaven are assigned to work for the church. Their job is to help the church thrive in the earth. Jesus established the covenant that sealed our purpose and destiny. We can, with the help of the angelic host, fulfill God’s purpose of the church in the earth today.