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The new nature

By November 26, 2018January 9th, 2019No Comments

When you came to Christ, God put a new nature in you. This new nature allows us to obey him. In the Old Testament, we a clear picture of a people trying to obey God in their flesh through the law to have a relationship with God. We can see this play out in our own lives as well. We strive to be good and to do good and fall short all the time. 

But in the New Testament, we see what a relationship with God looks like so that we can obey him out of love and devotion. We see that played out in Jesus Christ. His obedience was a by product of grace and a relationship of love. Our obedience will be the same thing: initiated by love, carried out through grace. Love invites us into God’s grace and then comes the desire to obey. This is crucial. Obedience now needs to be rooted in his love and grace, not in the fear of being in trouble.