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There is a Scriptural key, a foundational principle, to unlock the door of destiny for your life. This key is the principle of MEDITATION. 

Meditation is the “lifespring” of vision. It is the womb where dreams and visions are born. This principle of meditation has been lost to the Body of Christ for too long. In fact, the very word “MEDITATION” strikes fear into the heart of many believers because they’ve been taught that Satan invented and controls this thing called “meditation.” 

That’s a lie! Just because Satan, the great counterfeiter, has stolen this principle and used it greatly in the “New Age” movement and other false religions, does not mean that the principle is not from God and vital to His people.

The truth is that all of humanity functions in some level of meditation every day. Meditation in its simplest definition means “to think of, rehearse, consider, ponder.” The thoughts that men and women focus on and retain in their thought life, model and shape their life’s vision. These thoughts form images and attitudes that become the vision of their life whether they are good or bad, happy or sad, Godly or demonic, love or hate.

The thoughts that control your mind ultimately will control your entire life by forming your vision and thus becoming the blueprint of your future.

A person that has a defeated vision of failure for their life has it because they have meditated on thoughts of fear and failure until those thoughts painted a blueprint of failure in their heart. 

Likewise, the person who has received and retained thoughts of success and prosperity in their mind until those thoughts painted a vision of success will enjoy the fruit of their vision as success becomes a part of their life.

You are living in the vision you built yesterday. That vision was built by the thoughts that dominated your mind yesterday.

Meditation then becomes neither good nor bad in itself, but is a spiritual law that works for all mankind. We can use this law for good or for evil, but it was created and designed by God to benefit and bless man. Don’t be afraid of it, but rather understand how to use this spiritual law for the benefit of yourself and others.

In our modem civilization, especially in the Western World, we have developed an entire generation of non-thinking, weak-minded people. 

Our fast-paced, mobile, instant and impatient society has become addicted to watching hours of mind-numbing TV every day. 

People do not read and may never learn to develop good learning habits. Our public schools have become great nurseries for unlearned adolescents with incredibly short attention spans and even shorter study habits. 

Our society doesn’t like to think. We let others do the thinking for us and give us “pollyanna” and many times, inaccurate information. 

TV commercial programming is geared for the mind of a child. We’ve geared to even less and have lost the art of meditation! We’ve lost the art of reflection and contemplation.

For you to receive vision from God, you must become familiar with the purpose and power of meditation. Meditation is the doorway to vision. Meditation in God’s Word is the incubator of vision and dreams.

Genesis 24:63 tells us: 

And Isaac went out to MEDITATE in the field at the eventide: and he lifted up his eyes, and SAW, and, behold, the camels were coming.

 From the natural story of Isaac, looking up to see his fiancee in the caravan coming to him, we see that meditation produces vision. Isaac had a time and place where he would go to seek God and prayerfully meditate. Meditation for gaining vision involves these two major things:



You can’t catch fish in the ocean or in a lake by racing your hook across the top of the water. You must drop it deep into the water and quietly wait for the fish to take the bait. If you’re going to receive vision from God, you must allow your mind the time and place to seek the Lord and listen for His leading. God’s Word is the key to victory for your life and it is to be the focus of your life.